Mithun Health Camp Organized in Mawai Village, Manipur

A Mithun health camp was held in Mawai village, Manipur today 06.06.2024. During the camp, 67 Mithuns were ear-tagged and vaccinated against FMD. Sick Mithuns received treatment, and medicines along with other TSP inputs (Rain coat, ear tags & applicators, gum boots etc) were distributed. Farmers were informed about and registered for the M-ANITRA app.

The farmers of Mawai expressed their gratitude to the Director of NRC Mithun for the support and the upliftment of their Mithun community.

Village takes proud of increasing number of Mithun farmers from 17 to 42 after ICAR NRC on Mithun intervention in 2017. Farmers proudly rear around 250 Mithuns in the forest premises of Mawai village.