Veterinary Extension

Map of North-Eastern Hill region showing the locations under programmes organized under TSPUnder Tribal Sub-Plan (TSP), later renamed as Schedule Tribe Component (STC), various programmes were organized in all the four mithun inhabited states viz., Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland. Efforts were also made to introduce mithun in other non-mithun rearing states viz., Meghalaya and also in some non-mithun rearing villages of Nagaland.

A total of 20 programmes were organized including four Mithun Meal, seven Farmer’s Awareness Programmes, three Health Camps, three Interface meetings, 01 Brainstorming workshop and two exposure visits. A total of 4183 farmers were participated/benefited from this programme.

Inputs were also distributed in the form of piglets, poultry birds, common veterinary medicines and stationery items for school children. In order to popularize the semi-intensive rearing of mithun, the materials for construction of a low-cost night shelter/ mithun shed, fencing the mithun rearing area, water trough and salt lick were also distributed through the village Council.

Mithun Mela


Place of Activity




Khuangleng village, Champai Dist., Mizoram

24th January 2017



Mani village, Itanagar Dist., Arunachal Pradesh

2-3rd February 2017



Septika village, Zonhoboto Dist. Nagaland

16th March 2017



Miren village, West Siang Dist., Arunachal Pradesh

24th March 2017


Interface Meetings/Workshop

S. No.





Interface Meeting with Field Veterinarians, Govt. of AP.

3rd February 2017



Interface Meeting on "Present status and future scope of Mithun rearing in Nagaland".

7th March 2017



Interface meeting on "Potentials of Mithun husbandry for improving livelihood" with ATMA officials Nagaland at ICAR NRC on Mithun, Nagaland.

9th March 2017



Brainstorming workshop on "Rearing Mithun under free-range system: challenges and way forward".

18th March 2017


Technology Injection Programmes and Other Extension Activities

Place of Activity/Training



Awareness/Input Distribution Programme

Farmers Scientist interaction cum input distribution programs at Hekheshe village, Dimapur, Nagaland

1st Nov. 2016 & 8th November 2016

75 farmers participated. PRA was done.

Mithun Mela cum Farmers Awareness programme Khuangleng village, Champai, Mizoram

24th January 2017

207 farmers participated.
24 bundles of CGI sheet distributed among 4 village
37 mithuns vaccinated and ear-tagged.

Farmers Training cum Input distribution programme at Hekheshe village, Dimapur, Nagaland

24th January 2017

450 poultry birds and 30 piglets distributed

Farmers Awareness programme cum Mithun Health Camp at Tenning village, Dist. Paren, Nagaland

24th Feb. 2017

105 farmers benefited.
Distributed common veterinary medicines;
Ear tagging kit containing 200 ear tags, one
applicator, one marker;
CGI sheet-6 bundles
Barbed wire-15 Roll
37 mithun vaccinated against FMD

Farmers Awareness programme on "Livelihood improvement through scientific livestock husbandry" at Disaguphu, Hazadisa and Monglumukh village, Dimapur, Nagaland

1st March 2017

73 farmers participated

Farmers Interaction programme on Scientific Mithun Husbandry at K-Station Village, Kohima, Nagaland

21st March 2017

18 farmers participated

Exposure visits / Training

Exposure visit cum training programme for the farmers of East Khai Hills, Meghalaya

2-4th May 2016

24 farmers were trained on scientific mithun rearing

Exposure visit cum training programme for the farmers of Senapati Dist., Manipur

22-23rd March 2017

22 farmers participated. Demonstration on the identification of mithun.