Livestock Products Technology

Livestock Products TechnologyMithun is traditionally reared as a meat animal and is generally sacrificed for a feast on religious and social occasions. However, the potential of mithun as a meat animal is yet to be exploited. Further, even though, mithun produces only 1 to 1.5 litres of milk, but its nutraceutical value is yet to be determined. One of the mandates of the institute is to conserve and improve mithun for meat and milk. Accordingly, conducting research in the frontier areas of meat science and developing value-added products from mithun milk and meat is the core area of research of this section. Preliminary studies have been carried out to study the proximate analysis of mithun meat and milk. Several value-added mithun portions of meat and milk products developed in the Institute have been showcased in farmer's fields, food festivals and agriculture fare. A technology to process the skin of mithun, which is also a delicacy among certain tribes, as leather has also been developed. Presently, this section is developing appropriate and relevant processing technologies for different value-added mithun meat products for improving palatability and enhancing shelf life.

Further, considering the fact that only a small percentage of the meat produced is converted into value-added products and in order to develop mithun meat as a profitable venture, some value-added mithun meat products namely patties, meat, nuggets were developed. These value-added products would improve economics, extend shelf life, and encourage entrepreneurship.

  • Carcass yield viz Dressing percentage, edible and non-edible offals determined
  • The general appearance of mithun meat recorded
  • Value-added meat products like patties, nuggets have been standardized and showcased in various farmers and food festivals.
  • A pilot study on consumer acceptance of mithun rasgulla was carried out which was highly accepted by the consumers.

Livestock Products Technology Livestock Products Technology