Analytical Facility

                                                                                                        Analytical Facilities at ICAR-NRC on MIthun

Name of Equipments Make Model Charge for Universities Charge for Industries Charge for National Labs
Real Time PCR Machine ABI-Thermo StepOne Plus 1600/sample 1500/sample 1500/sample
OSOMETER Advanced Instrument INC 3250 100/sample 75/sample 75/sample
CASA (Computer Assisted Semen Analyser IMV   150/sample 100/sample 100/sample
Bio-freezer IMV India Ltd Micro Digi Cool 1500/100 straws 1200/100 straws 1200/100 straws
Automatic semen straw Filling and sealing machine IMV India Ltd   600/100 straws 500/100 straws 500/100 straws
Accucell Sperm Photometer with semen dilutor Spencers 1040-STP-004 50/sample 50/sample 50/sample
Automatic tissue processor Spencers 1040-STP-004 700/sample 600/sample 600/sample
Cryo console Spencers ES500-2C 700/sample 600/sample 600/sample
Semi Automatic Rotary Microtome   SMI-325S 700/sample 600/sample 600/sample
Digestion & Distillation System for protein analysis PELICAN Kelplus- KES 12LRAL 150/sample 140/sample 140/sample
Bomb Colorimeter IKA C 200 50/sample 40/sample 40/sample
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) Thermo Electro Corporation S Series 200/sample 150/sample 150/sample
High Performance Liquid Chromatography System with computer     2500/sample 2300/sample 2300/sample
Gas Chromatography (GC or GLC) Thermo Electro Corporation Trace GC Ultra 1500/sample 1200/sample 1200/sample
HPTLC System, Camag, with computer Camag Linomat 5 1500/sample 1200/sample 1200/sample