Laboratory Facilities

The laboratories of NRC on Mithun are well equipped for conducting applied and basic research on the different aspects of mithun rearing. Currently, the Institute has established laboratories for five research disciplines viz. Animal Physiology, Livestock Production and Management, Animal Nutrition, Animal Health, and Animal Genetics and Breeding.

Besides central instrumentation facilities and facilities for bacteria and cell culture are available in the Institute as well. The instrumentation facilities available in the Institute are Micro-plate Reader and Washer, Automatic Dispenser, Automatic Blood cell Counter, Spectrophotometer, -20°C freezer, -80°C freezer, Electronic weighing balance, pH Meter, Laminar Flow, CO2 Incubator, BOD Incubator, Thermal Cycler, Electrophoresis units, Gel Documentation system, UV Transluminator, Gel Rocker, High-Speed Cooling centrifuge, Sonicator, Compound Fluorescent Research Microscope with Digital Photo Micrography Facility, Compound Research Microscope with Digital Photo Micrography Facility, Stereo Zoom Microscope, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, HPLC System, GLC System,  Water Purification System, Ice Flaking Machine, Instruments for proximate analysis and other basic equipment. 

List of Major Equipment:

Sl.No. Name of the equipment
1. PCR machine
2. UV Transilluminator
3. Automatic dispenser
4. Double beam spectrophotometer
5. Horizontal laminar flow
6. ELISA plate reader
7. Gel rocker
8. Electronic analytical balance
9. Water purification system
10. Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
11. CO2 incubator
12. Ice making machine
13. High-speed refrigerated centrifuge
14. Automatic blood cell counter
15. HPLC system
16. Gel Doc system
17. Gas chromatography system
18. Fluorescent compound research microscope
19. Feed block machine