TSP Cell

The Tribal Sub Plan is a plan for the socio-economic development of the tribals and tribal areas. TSP believes in 'Planning from the below' catering to the local needs. As the tribal communities are not homogenous and not at the same levels of development, different programmes and approach needed for different tribes. TSP is not a developmental package provided by the centre; rather it is a plan made by the people for the overall development and improvement of quality of life of the tribal’s. The local needs and aspirations of the people reflects in the TSP.

The broad objectives of the TSP are as follows:

  • Substantial reduction in poverty and un-employment.
  • Creation of productive assets in favor of Scheduled Tribes to sustain the growth likely to accrue through development efforts.
  • Human resource development of the Scheduled Tribes by providing adequate educational and health services.
  • Provision of physical and financial security against all types of exploitation and oppression.


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