FAQs about Mithun

FAQs about mithun

  1. Is mithun a wild or semi-domesticated animal?



  1. What is the age of maturity in female and male mithun?

            Female mithun attain maturity age the age of 30 – 36 months and male mithun get mature at 36 months.


  1. What is the best time to breed/ mate the female mithun?

            Female mithun should be mated once she gets fully mature i.e. at the age of 30-36 months.


  1. How mating/ breeding of female mithun is done?

           Breeding of female mithun can be done either by natural mating with bull or by Artificial Insemination (AI).


  1. Which bull should be selected for natural mating?

             Adult and healthy bull having good characteristics of mithun should be used for breeding of female mithun. Very young bulls, old bulls, Bull with defects, abnormalities and not having true characteristics of mithun should not be used for natural mating.


  1. What is the gestation period/pregnancy period of mithun?

           The gestation period/pregnancy period in mithun ranges from 285 – 295 days.


  1. What is Artificial Insemination (AI)?

         Artificial Insemination (AI) is the process of making an animal pregnant by artificially depositing superior quality male germplasm. It is done by a trained technician. It is a very good technique for improving the future generation because, in AI, semen from superior bulls is used.


  1. What is the floor space required for adult mithun cows in a covered area?


  1. What is the floor space required for adult mithun bull in a covered area?



  1. What is the floor space required for the calf?



  1. How much drinking water is required for adult mithun/day/head?

          30 litres


  1. Can mithun be milked?



  1. How much milk does a mithun give?

          1.5 - 2 litre/day


  1. What is the fat percentage of mithun milk?



  1. What precautionary measures are to be taken immediately after calving?

           Immediately remove any mucus around the nostril and mouth and check for breathing. Wipe off mucus from the body by using a rag or cloth. The naval cord should be cut and tincture iodine has to be applied to prevent any infection. Allow the calf to suckle colostrum from its mother within 1 hour. The assistance should be given to the calf if it is not suckling by itself.