Health camp for Mithuns, Lairam Khullen Village, Manipur

Another health camp for Mithuns was held in Lairam Khullen Village, Manipur, on 07.06.2024, focusing on two clusters within the village. During the camp, 60 Mithuns received vaccinations, healthcare, and ear tagging with INAPH tags. Farmers received TSP inputs, including raincoats, gumboots, ear tags and applicators, and veterinary medicines. They were also registered and trained to use the m-ANITRA app.

Overall, we reached 127 Mithuns across Manipur and engaged with over 100 farmers through these health camps.

Both health camps Scientists DrSapunii S Hanah & Harshit Kumar were assisted by Dr. L. L. Michael Khoveio, Veterinary Officer, Chingai Veterinary Hospital, Ukhrul, Government of Manipur, along with VFA Elue Ngamreiso, Veterinary Attendant (VFA), Marao Dispensary, Ukhrul district, Government of Manipur.