State Level Workshop on "Promotion of Scientific Cattle Production in Nagaland State

The State Level Workshop on "Promotion of Scientific Cattle Production in Nagaland State," convened on 25th June 2024 at ICAR – National Research Centre on Mithun, was facilitated by ICAR – Central Institute for Research on Cattle (CIRC), Meerut, and ICAR – NRC on Mithun, in collaboration with Dimapur District Cooperative Milk Producers Union Ltd (DIMUL). The event gathered approximately 140 participants, including farmers, students, scientists, and industry stakeholders.

The inaugural session, graced by Shri Kazheto Kinimi, Adviser, Department of Animal Husbandry, Kohima, Nagaland, along with Dr. A. K. Mohanty, Director, ICAR CIRC, Meerut, and Dr. V. K. Vidyarthi, Dean, SET, Dimapur, highlighted the imperative of integrating scientific research with practical farming to enhance cattle productivity in Nagaland. Dr. Girish Patil, S., Director, ICAR – NRC on Mithun, underscored collaborative efforts for the effective implementation of advanced cattle production techniques.

The workshop featured technical sessions by distinguished experts: Dr. A. K. Mohanty discussed the crucial role of cattle in ensuring food security, Dr. S. K. Verma covered optimal feeding practices tailored for Northeast India, Dr. Suresh Kumar Dhoop Singh presented advanced technologies for enhancing cattle reproduction. Following these sessions, a productive Farmer-Scientist interaction addressed prevalent challenges and proposed effective solutions. VFATI students were honored with certificates from the Adviser, Department of Animal Husbandry, Kohima, recognizing their successful completion of training.

Additionally, an important milestone was achieved with the exchange of an MoU between ICAR – NRC on Mithun and Arunachal Pradesh Yak and Mithun Mission, aimed at bolstering Mithun farming practices. Input materials distributed under the NEH (North Eastern Hill) fund of CIRC were directed towards supporting local agricultural practices and promoting sustainable cattle production in Nagaland.

The workshop, convened by Dr. A. K. Mohanty and Dr. Girish Patil, S., represented a significant stride towards advancing cattle productivity and fostering sustainable agriculture in the region.