introduction of Mithun farming at Thsürühu Village, Zunheboto (Nagaland)

We are thrilled to announce the introduction of Mithun farming at Thsürühu Village, Zunheboto (Nagaland) on June 28, 2024! This milestone has been achieved through the guidance, supervision, and assistance of ICAR-NRC on Mithun, Meziphema Nagaland, under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Girish Patil, S., Director NRCM, and our dedicated team of scientists and staff.

The Thsürühu Village Council and the Thsürühu Mithun Farmers Society extended thier heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the centre. Inputs material and Mithun breeding males (1), females (1) and one calf were provided to village. They also procured 2 female Mithuns. Making total of 5 Mithuns to start with.

Before the introduction of Mithuns, a workshop and awareness program was organized in the village by the scientists and technical officers of the center. The program included a briefing on Mithun farming, detailed instructions on how to carry it out, and guidance on land planning, including where to build sheds and other necessary facilities.

Additionally, the village received essential materials from NRCM (TSP sub plan) to build the infrastructure for semi-intensive Mithun farming, including: Barbed wire, Iron angle post, Bundles of CGI sheet and Travis.