Salient Achievements

Major achievements since Institute establishment

  1. Whole genome sequencing of mithun

  2. Chromosome profiling and genetic characterization (using RAPD, Microsatellite, hdChip and MASA) of different mithun populations and delineation of the evolutionary relationship of mithun with its wild ancestors, Gaur (Bosgaurus).

  3. Morphometric-cum-physical characterization of mithun populations of Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Manipur.

  4. Phenotypic and Genetic Characterization of mithun and determination of genetic relationship with gaur and other bovine species based on microsatellites and bovine HDchip

  5. Construction of a draft assembly thorough next-generation sequencing and identification of around 27000 genes in mithun genome

  6. Developed and standardized a protocol for collection and freezing of semen and artificial insemination (AI) in mithun leading to the birth of AI calves in the farm as well as in farmers’ field

  7. Standardization of semen collection using Eletro-Ejaculation technique

  8. Superovulation and birth of first AI calf of mithun through Embryo Transfer Technology

  9. Enhancing reproductive efficiency of mithun using emerging technologies through oestrus synchronization protocols and AI in mithuns

  10. Preparation of first ever R- and C-banded karyotypes of mithun and a Cytogenetic Digital Album of mithun.

  11. Muscle transcriptome analysis of mithun of divergent growth performance and identification of differentially expressed genes (BioProject ID PRJNA307305).

  12. Profiling gut microbiome of Mithun

  13. Development and preparation of Area Specific Mineral mixture suitable for mithun based on the information generated by various studies in the Institute.

  14. Preparation of low-cost nutritious feed blocks for better growth and production in mithuns.

  15. Identification, chemical analysis and nutritional evaluation of more than 260 tree leaves/ shrubs available in NEH region of India for feeding of mithun.

  16. Development of a method for drying high moisture content agro-industrial by-products (wet cake) for paddy straw incorporated feed block for mithun suitable for feeding of mithun during lean season

  17. Development of an alternative semi-intensive system of rearing of mithun and demonstrated in the farm as well as in the framer's field

  18. Determination of age by Dentition patterns of mithuns under field conditions

  19. Complete characterization and nutritional profiling of mithun carcass as an alternative source of meat. Mithun meat is low in fat and rich in protein and all essential amino acids.

  20. Developed value-added milk products, meat products and leather products.

  21. Qualitative characterization of mithun milk and meat

  22. Preparation of various value added products of mithun milk, meat and hide for better economic returns of mtihun farmers.

  23. Important bacterial, viral and protozoan diseases identified in Mithun and control measures were evolved for some of the diseases.

  24. Developed a health calendar for better veterinary care and prophylaxis of Mithun.