Salient Achievements

Major achievements since Institute establishment

  • Development of an alternative semi-intensive system of rearing of mithun and demonstrated in the farm as well as in the framer's field
  • Construction of a draft assembly thorough next-generation sequencing and identification of around 27000 genes in mithun genome
  • Phenotypic and Genetic Characterization of mithun and determination of genetic relationship with gaur and other bovine species based on microsatellites and bovine HDchip.
  • Muscle transcriptome analysis of mithun of divergent growth performance and identification of differentially expressed genes (BioProject ID PRJNA307305).
  • Development of a method for drying high moisture content agro-industrial by-products (wet cake) for paddy straw incorporated feed block for mithun suitable for feeding of mithun during lean season
  • Enhancing reproductive efficiency of mithun using emerging technologies through oestrus synchronization protocols and AI in mithuns
  • Superovulation and birth of first AI calf of mithun through Embryo Transfer Technology
  • Preparation of low-cost nutritious feed blocks for better growth and production in mithuns.
  • Determination of age by Dentition patterns of mithuns under field conditions
  • Preparation of first ever R- and C-banded karyotypes of mithun and a Cytogenetic Digital Album of mithun.
  • Identification, chemical analysis and nutritional evaluation of more than 260 tree leaves/ shrubs available in NEH region of India for feeding of mithun.
  • Development and preparation of Area Specific Mineral mixture suitable for mithun based on the information generated by various studies in the Institute.
  • Important bacterial, viral and protozoan diseases identified in Mithun and control measures were evolved for some of the diseases.
  • Preparation of various value added products of mithun milk, meat and hide for better economic returns of mtihun farmers.