Vision, Mission and Mandate

ICAR-National Research Centre on MithunVision

To preserve, conserve and propagate superior quality mithun germplasm for a sustainable production system and subsequent utilization for better nutritional and socioeconomic support to the farmers.


Formulation and adoption of scientific management, feeding practices and advanced bio-techniques for reproduction and health with an ultimate objective to develop an economically viable and sustainable technologies for the benefit of the farming communities rearing mithun.


The mandate of the institute has revised in 87 Annual General Meeting of the ICAR Society held on 4th Febrary, 2016. Currently, the National Research Centre on Mithun is functioning for developing the scientific and sustainable mithun rearing system and for catering the needs of mithun farmers with the follwing mandates:

  • Identification, evaluation and characterization of mithun germplasm available in the country.
  • Conservation and improvement of mithun for meat and milk.
  • To act as repository of information on mithun.