Lecture on “Animal Cloning Scope and Awareness”

Dr. P. S. Yadav, Head, and Pr. Scientist, ICAR-CIRB, Hisar delivered an invited lecture on “Animal cloning scope and awareness” on 12th November 2021 organized by ICAR-NRC on Mithun, Medziphema. The lecture emphasized understanding the current status, scope, and potential and to create awareness among scientific staff and students on the future of cloning technologies. It is likely that advances in the understanding of cloning will lead to significant improvements in enhancing productivity by propagating the desirable animal breeds without ill effects. The students were sensitized on the basic aspects of cloning technology, opportunities, and how it opens the way for enhancing productivity in farm animals. The lecture was attended by a total of 100 persons including the staff and scientists of ICAR-NRC on Mithun, scientists of ICAR-Regional complex for NEH, Nagaland centre faculties of CAU Jalukie, faculties and students of St. Joseph University and Patkai Christian College. The program was coordinated by Dr. Laishram Sunitibala Devi, Scientist, and Dr. Kezhavituo Vupru, Chief Technical Officer.