Health camp cum vaccination and TSP input materials distribution| Tobu - 06 July 2022

On 6th July 2022, A training was conducted for the mithun farmers of Tobu village, Mon district under the institute TSP programme and DFMD NEH activities, where more than 50 farmers attended the programme. The farmers were taught about the management of mithun, semi-intensive rearing system and health care and management. A total of 70 mithun were vaccinated with the FMDV vaccine on the spot. The farmers were also taught about FMD and the importance of vaccination for control of FMD and also care and management of sick animals and the uses of medicines handed over to the farmers were demonstrated. In the programme TSP input materials, such as barbed wire, CGI sheet, Gumboots, raincoats, ear tags & their applicators, mineral block, trevis and veterinary medicines were distributed to the mithun farmers.